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  • Weight:
    2.20 lbs
  • Dimensions (L х W х H):
    9.80 x 11.80 x 4.70 in

В наличии

Backpack R1M1 "Balistyka" is made of high quality material - cordura (cordura 1000D), due to which the backpack can withstand heavy loads, friction. It also washes well.

On the front of the backpack is a molle webbing, which makes the backpack look like a tactical backpack. Due to its small size it can be attributed to a city backpack for every day.

It is worth noting that this backpack can also be used as a travel backpack. Its dimensions are fully consistent with hand luggage on the plane, and due to sufficient volume and the organizer, it will include everything you need to travel.

With this backpack you can forget about the laptop bag - it has a special compartment for laptops up to 16", in addition both sides of backpack are covered with soft inserts, which will reliably protect your laptop from damage. In the same compartment there is a place for A4 documents and now you can not worry that your papers will be dented.

The organizer compartment thanks to wide disclosure allows you to conveniently place various small things in it from pencil to knife, tablet, powerbank, etc. The mesh pockets make it easy to see which compartment you put in.

The top of the backpack has velcro on which you can place your favorite patches.

On the sides of the backpack are two pockets that are suitable for carrying bottles or long things, additionally fixing them with a sling with fastex buckle.

The backpack is equipped with an anatomical back with additional damping pillows and a ventilated 3D grid. Separately, thanks to the wide strap and damper 10mm, even a heavily loaded backpack is not pinching your shoulders, and due to the adjustment system on the chest, it can be adjusted to people of different physiques. With the chest strap fastened in this backpack, you can even run and it will not hit you on the back, and thanks to the presence of two soft handles it is comfortable to carry in your hands in any position.

Characteristics Backpack R1M1 "Ballistyka":

Volume: 1586,5 cubic inches (26 lts)

Number of sections: 6

Fabric top: cordura 1000d

Lining fabric: Oxford 600d

Furniture: 2M, YKK, Woojin

Sling: polyamide

Notebook compartment: yes, up to 16"

Available colors: black, olive (military green), coyote, multicam, MM14 (Ukrainian pixel)

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