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    0.13 lbs
  • Dimensions (L х W х H):
    4.33 x 1.57 x 1.18 in

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  • COMPACTNESS - thanks to the unique plastic (nylon) sidewalls, the pouch is ideally attached to the molle system, without interfering with the neighboring pouches. Tactical magazine pouch constructed with high quality and durable Cordura 1000 den. Size of magazine holster: 1.6*1.2*3.5*4.3 inch.

    RAPID RESPONSE – For quick and decisive actions. The upper part of the pouch is made in the form of a funnel, so your reload actions are faster and simplified. Thanks to the unique design, the magazine is not held by the side panel, but completely by the front and rear panels. Balistyka pouches securely holds your magazine or hardware in place, without using loud and obnoxious velcro straps.

    UNIVERSAL – Balistyka pouch is designed to hold almost any pistol magazine. With the open top design, you can increase your reload speed. Elastic bungee cords are there to adjust and hold the magazine in place.

    MULTI-FUNCTION – Capable of holding more than just pistol magazines, you can use the Balistyka fastmag pouch to hold the clasp-knife, flashlight lighter, gas can or whatever you want, while maintaining the rapid response ability.

    MODULAR DESIGN – Capable of being mounted onto a duty belt, shooters belt, or MOLLE systems, the pistol TACO easily fits into your tactical loadout. These pouches are perfectly matched, they are located under each other, so it makes it easier to access them. The magazine carrier suitable for camping, tactical sports, hiking, climbing, EDC use and running fitness exercise.

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