Plate carrier M2
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    1.65 lbs
  • Dimensions (L х W х H):
    11.80 x 9.84 x 3.93 in

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If you are looking for a really high quality plate carrier at the best price, then this Ballistika M2 plate carrier is the ideal solution. When buying products on our website, you can be sure that you are buying a first-hand slab cutter directly from the manufacturer.

A distinctive features of this Plate carrier are:

1.Special technology of Velcro stitching on the front part of the plate carrier (cummerbund valve), which completely protects it from tearing;

2. A layer of 3D mesh that provides wearing comfort and high-quality ventilation, additional damping cushions on the inside of the plates reduce the over-blocking effect! The location of the damper pads provides additional ventilation;

3.Cummerbund attachment system is located outside under the flap on a wide elastic band. Thanks to this, the platformer fits snugly to the body and does not hinder movement

4. The cummerbund is conveniently attached to the elastic sling, with the help of a quick lock, which has a convenient, simple and reliable size adjustment system;

5. The cummerbund itself has a skeletal shape, which provides reliable ventilation, and is made of a double sling, which allows you to use both internal ballistic protection and a variety of pouches at the same time;

6. Plate carrier Ballistics model M2, additionally can be equipped with a silent quick release system, which provides quick release and putting on the plate carrier. For convenience, buckles can be removed and put on both from the top and from the bottom (additional cost +$55 to the cost of the plate carrier). The plate is designed for a complete set with standard plates with beveled top corners.

Cover weight: 1.65 pounds

Material: nylon (Cordura) 1000d, 3D mesh;

Fittings: 2M;

Velcro: Alfatex; (Very high quality)

Size: adjustable (at the waist 23-48 in)

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