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  • Weight:
    2.09 lbs
  • Dimensions (L х W х H):
    11.80 x 11.80 x 3.93 in

В наличии

The best offer on the market, a new plate carrier with a quick release system.

Distinctive feature of this plate carrier is:

1. Absence of the valve of opening of a plate sock from velcro which we replaced with convenient silent buckles

2. Cummerbund fastens for an elastic sling which is developed especially under you. In the stretched state, it has the same characteristics as a normal sling.

3. Wide VELCRO panel, which provides fixation of indicators, including large ones. Reinforcement of the side seam with a sling, which can also be used to fix various small parts.

4. The shoulder straps themselves have hypolon inserts (which prevent the butt from slipping when laying weapons and firing), the straps are adjusted with a VELCRO sticker, and additionally fixed with a valve, which also duplicates the hypolon inserts.

5. A small backpack (under the hydrator and mountings for it, or small things) is integrated on the back wall of the plate sock. The evacuation sling itself is located above the stove, and is made with a tubular insert element that in total provides convenient use.

A feature of the M3-Pro model is the "high-speed release system" which is patented by the company "Balistyka”. This system is made without elements of a steel cable which interferes with work of physicians.

The process of resetting the plate takes a fraction of a second. It allows you to make a controlled reset on the left or right side. On the inside there is a 5 mm damper + additional 10 mm., Damper cushions that reliably remove unobstructed deformation. The location of the damper cushions also provides good ventilation. Additional ventilation and wearing comfort is provided by a large 3D mesh, through which air circulates freely. The plate is designed to be equipped with standard plates measuring 25 cm x 30 cm with beveled top corners.. This plate carrier will perfectly replace the worn cover of an army bulletproof vest. You will definitely appreciate the convenience of this plate carrier compared to a regular bulletproof vest. It does not fall, does not rub, Velcro does not tear in half a month. Separately, you will be pleased with the skeletal chamber band (side stage) which does not interfere with ventilation, in the summer is simply not a substitute thing. In addition, you can hang BC and additional side plates.

Cover weight: 950 g;

Material: nylon (Cordura) 1000d, 3D grid;

Velcro: Alfatex; (very high quality)

Size: adjustable (at the waist 23-48 in);

Color: coyote, black, multicam, oil, MM14(Ukrainian army cammo)

Plate carrier "Balistyka" M3-Pro is made on the programmable equipment that allows to reach high quality of a product, accuracy of execution of the MOLLE system, reliability of all seams and connections. You can be sure that this plate carrier will not break in the second month of usage. The triple rows of MOLLE cells on the chamber band allow you to attach the results to the individual requirements of the user, as it is convenient for you, and not as convenient for a crooked designer. All the important places on the cover of the bulletproof vest are reinforced with a spaced clip, which provides the legendary strength that everyone is talking about.

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