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    0.20 lbs
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    5.90 x 5.90 x 1.96 in

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The pouch for the first aid kit PA1 is a compact result, but it has sufficient capacity. Due to the wide disclosure, almost the entire contents of the first aid kit immediately come in handy, which is certainly very important when complecting first aid. It is worth noting that the result is a system of quick removal and landing, and the platform of this system is not tightly laced to the MOLLE system, so it can be removed in one motion, put in front of you, or pass to someone else. The first aid kit can be worn both on the platform of quick access / removal, and also without it where for lacing of the first aid kit on system molle the same sling going on lacing of a platform is used, (and all the same at such method of fixing of result there is a possibility to its fast removal, but already at landing on a place it needs to be laced up). Characteristics: Manufacturer: "Balistyka" Ukraine. Size in folded condition: 63x63x27.5’ Material of outer fabric: Nylon Cordura 1000d Material of inner pocket: Polyester Oxford.The result has a platform with a system of quick removal and landing in place of the end and two the platform itself, which can also be used to attach a first aid kit without a quick access platform. The internal space of the result is made in the form of an organizer, due to the cells in which a rubber band is woven. In addition to the tactical result, the first aid kit PA1 has two inner pockets in which there is an additional elastic band on the back wall that forms cells. At the front of the first aid kit are molle cells, which allows you to additionally place other results on the outside, or to fix the scissors.

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