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  • Model:
    tactical tablet
  • Weight:
    2.09 lbs
  • Dimensions (L х W х H):
    11.80 x 13.77 x 3.93 in

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Tactical tablet bag

The tablet bag is intended for use for official purposes by law enforcement officers (such as: military Armed Forces of Ukraine, Security Service of Ukraine, various special forces, prosecutor's office, police, security organizations). The officer's tablet bag is made of cordura 1000d fabric, which provides a long lifespan. Thanks to the use of quality materials and furniture, during the lifespan it can not be broken, retains a presentable appearance, original color and shape.

The military tablet is equipped with a comfortable shoulder strap that is adjustable in length and can be transformed into a backpack strap (the officer's tablet is transformed into a single-strap or two-strap backpack bag).

Also, the tactical tablet bag is equipped with a strong handle that provides easy transportation, fast-opening fastex buckle, for quick access to the pockets of the tablet.

Insofar as the tactical bag is intended for military and investigative use, the models are equipped with a molle webbing that allows you to attach additional attachments, equipped with a compartment for hidden carrying of short-barreled weapons and quick access to it. 

It is also equipped with a compartment designed for the installation of various maps (and easy access to them), and if necessary, the installation of armor plates (from 1st to 6th class of protection).

Separately equipped with a compartment protected on 3 sides (front, back, bottom) for storage and transportation of tablets, netbooks, laptops, and a compartment for carrying A4 documents.

Tactical tablet bag consists of:

• 2 compartments under the zipper (the first - protected by damping walls for tablet / laptop and additionally for A4 documents, the second - for maps or placement of armor plates 1-6 protection classes),

• a compartment for hidden carrying short-barreled weapons and quick access to it (which if necessary can be transformed into a large pocket (combining 2 compartments) for storage of A4 documents, or dimensional personal belongings),

• a holster for short-barreled weapons and an additional holster for 2 mags to it which are fastened in the middle of a compartment in any convenient position thanks to use of a high-quality sticker,

• separately with two small compartments under the zipper (the first on the valve, the second under the valve),

• a separate pocket under the valve for two compartments, one of which is equipped with an organizer,

• shoulder strap, which can be transformed into backpack straps (backpack bag, tablet backpack),

• a strong, soft handle for easy transportation,

• the back wall of the tablet bag is equipped with damping cushions and 3D mesh for easy use as a backpack,

• molle webbing on the front and side panels,

• sticker for indicators and placement of various clutches / chevrons (at the top of the upper compartment, and at the top of the valve pocket).

Tactical tablet bag can be ordered in such colors as:

- multicam

- coyote

- olive (military green)

- MM14 (Ukrainian pixel)

- black

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