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The Warrior Belt "Chersel" is designed to unload the shoulders and spine, transferring weight to the legs.

Most of the armor set is equipped with a bulletproof vest on the unloading system of the Warrior Belt, thereby transferring weight.

- It has a rigid frame that protects the belt from scrolling under load,

- It has an anatomical shape and a quick lift system, which in the complex allows you to use Warrior belt without a shoulder system (all the load is transferred from the back to the pelvis).

-Equipped with a rail for hip fastening systems (platform, holster).

- In the case of using the shoulder-shoulder system, the rear mounting bracket for it is made of an elastic sling that keeps the Warrior Belt in place when the body is tilted forward.

- Equipped with a 3D mesh that provides ventilation and soft fit, additionally equipped with a two-layer damping base, the second layer are pads that create ventilation channels to remove heat from the body, and provide for more comfortable operation, when wearing armor set it does not press discomfort.

- It is possible to additionally install ballistic protection against debris (ballistic package 1a class has a weight of 1,01 pound), with the additional installation of soft armor significantly increases the area of​​ protection against debris, which is the possibility of installing an additional soft armor package with UHMW PE 1, 1A or 2 ballistic class in accordance with DSTU 4103 In 2002.

The fighters appreciated the ergonomic fit, which allowed the use of "Chersel" without shoulder system, and cuts in the Warrior Belt front, which allows unloading bend over, squat, etc., without restraining the movement.

- 1,97’ front buckle,

- weight 1,01 pound;

- Fastex and all accessories of the company "2M" (Italy),

- Material: Cordura (nylon / cordura) 1000 den,

- Velcro: Alfatex (very high quality)

- Size: adjustable (waist 31’-48’);

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