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Baby Carrier "Ukropchik" is made of cordura 1000D (for comparison, the fabric used in civilian versions of baby carriers is inferior in quality even to such fabric as oxford 600D), and in the manufacture of "Ukropchik" materials such as soft 3D mesh on the shoulder straps and belts were used.

Soft damper throughout the product, cotton on the inside. The carrier is equipped with a molle system for which, if necessary, you can order additionally pouches for a thermos, baby bottles, nipples, pouches for wet wipes, pouches for diapers, and many other pouches that you may need.

Practical, comfortable, soft and comfortable kangaroo-backpack, which can be used both separately and together with an unloading belt-saddle, which relieves the back and transfers all the load to the pelvis. In addition, the saddle can be used separately as a support platform, your back will thank you. Carrying a backpack in military style Baby Carrier "Ukropchik", consists of the carrying backpack itself and an unloading belt-chair.

For carrying babies from 4 months of age, this is a stylish alternative to a stroller. The belt is equipped with a 30-degree reclining chair, which has an anti-slip effect, provides support for the child's hip and anatomically correctly distributes the weight to the parent's hips when using the belt.

The round seat keeps the child's hips and legs in a comfortable M position, which promotes proper hip development. The adjustable shoulder straps, which are made using 3D mesh, reduce pressure on the shoulders. The inner part of the carrier is made of soft cotton fabric, which provides high air permeability (breathes), and gentle for sensitive baby skin (does not irritate it).

The headrest is additionally equipped with a removable pad that can be easily removed for washing, which the baby often slobbering when carried with his back to his parents, facing the front. Baby carrier "Ukropchik" has a large pocket on almost the entire surface, in which you can put not only small things, but also when fully opened, provides additional ventilation for your baby in hot weather. The pocket flap wall is equipped with a molle system. Baby carrier "Ukropchik" is also equipped with a plastic insert to support the baby's back in the anatomically correct position, and which has holes for ventilation. The carrier has a very convenient size adjustment system. The unloading belt has an anatomical shape due to which it does not slide down under load, for the convenience of its fixation it is equipped with a Velcro sticker and a wide fastex. The entire inner surface is made using 3D mesh, which ensures wearing comfort and reliable ventilation. The belt is attached to the carrier itself very conveniently with a zipper. 

Richard Dangle / 29/10/2021
What is the weight limit of Ukropchik?
The maximum weight we tried to use with our Baby Carrier is 20 kg ~44,09lb
Ofc it depends on your child's height and age.